About Green Valley Lake

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The “Hidden Gem” of the San Bernardino Mountains, Green Valley Lake is, at 7000´, a higher resort community than either Lake Arrowhead or Big Bear.  This “best kept secret on the mountain” is secluded (nearly four miles away from State Highway 18), and surrounded by National Forest.  For all these reasons it has remained small, picturesque, and uncrowded.


Green Valley Lake has something going on all the time. For a little town, we sure stay busy. Our town boasts of a pretty little lake that is stocked often with plentiful fish, and a small beach for swimming.  Click on the tabs above for more about our abundant opportunities for hiking, camping, winter sports, cabin rentals, restaurants, the artisan tour, summer concerts, Pie Festivals and much more.

Located only 90 minutes away from Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties, in the San Bernardino Mountains, Green Valley Lake attracts visitors seeking clean air, blue skies, crystal-clear water, and the serenity and calm beauty of a quiet forested community. Our two closest neighbors are Arrowbear and Running Springs.  There are hiking trails galore and plenty of opportunities for bird watching, mountain biking, horseback riding, and in the winter, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.  The nine-acre lake is regularly stocked for fishing, plus there are boating and swimming as well.  For a handy guide to our mountain birdsClick here.  To learn about our local wildflowers,Click here. For the sports enthusiast, Green Valley Lake offers a beach volleyball court next to the lake, plus a basketball court and a tennis court that also can be used for volleyball or badminton.  Barbecue facilities are located under the trees in the adjoining picnic area.  A magnificent public campground is just down the road with 40 spaces and clean restrooms. The visitor can also choose from a number of cabins for rent.  Green Valley Lake has a small downtown area that hosts a market, two restaurants, a post office, a bait and tackle shop, a number of real estate offices, and a community garden.  There is also a community church located at 648 Yukon.  Further up Green Valley Lake Road you will find the Fire Dept. and a local museum.  Green Valley Lake also happens to be a Mecca for artists and musicians.  Three times a year (Memorial weekend, Labor Day weekend, and Thanksgiving weekend) there is an Artisan Tour in which the local artisans open up their homes or studios and display their many beautiful pieces of handmade artwork.  Occasionally, the local musicians get together for a jam. Plus there are eleven outdoor concerts during the summer in the garden across from the lake.  For all the many other things to do here, be sure to check out the Calendar of Events.

It is illegal to ride off-road or green sticker vehicles on the streets of Green Valley Lake or in the forest around GVL.  You must transport your vehicles down to the staging area near Crab Flats.  Thank you for your cooperation. 
Click here for more information.         To report violators, call the CHP 388-8000



GVL is an unincorporated community in San Bernardino County. Our Supervisor (Second District) is Janice Rutherford.  Her office phone is 909-387-4833.   Her representative in the Mountain area is Lewis Murray     (lewis.murray@bos.sbcounty.gov).

The County Sheriff office is in Twin Peaks. The number is (909) 336-0600. Call 911 in an emergency.

County Fire Station 95 is on GVL Rd. It is not a manned station; GVL firefighters are “Paid-Call” which means they respond to a page from the 911 operator.  The closest manned station is in Running Springs which also has an ambulance.  A call to 911 activates the closest responders, including Cal-Fire and the U.S. Forest Service fire fighters.  Currently, Cal-Fire sends out a yearly bill for the mountain area for $132.

Yearly “Defensible Space” pine needle removal and weed abatement is required, and a warning letter is sent out if work is needed.

Snow plowing of the streets is done by the County Dept of Public Works. The Running Springs Yard phone is 909-867-3683.  The Dispatch # is 909-387-8063.

The private Green Valley Mutual Water Co. provides water and operates the lake (Green Valley Lake Recreation).  Property owners are automatically shareholders.  Shareholders can have their own boats on the lake for a fee and have discounted rates on beach and fishing passes.  A vote on board members is held yearly.  The “Club House” is available for rent.  The number is 909-867-2912.  The Recreation website is gvlfishing.com.

The Sewer System is operated by the County as a Special Services District (CSA 79).   A separate bill is mailed bi-monthly.  There is an Advisory Board of GVL residents appointed by the Supervisor’s Office.  They currently meet bi-monthly at the GVL Fire Station.

Trash Pick-up is also billed separately by Mountain Disposal. Property owners have three options for trash:  They can have curb-side pick up (around $22 per month); or take their trash to the “Clean Mountain Site” (next to the Fire Station) on weekends for around $12 per month; or if your main residence is elsewhere, you can get a yearly exemption based on your electricity use at each address.  A card to use the Transfer Station (dump) at Heaps Peak is mailed yearly. 909-338-2417

Power is supplied by SoCalEdison. Because of weather conditions in the mountains, short outages are common.  The number to report an outage or get an update is 800-611-1911.

Phone Service / Cable TV/ Internet: Land line phones are provided by Frontier Communications. There is no DSL service.  There is a Verizon Wireless tower downtown; therefore, cell phone reception near the lake is excellent, but further away (because of trees and hills) it can be spotty.  Cable TV and Internet are offered by Charter Cable (Spectrum).

The GVL Post Office (92341) is open from 11am to 1pm Monday through Friday. Mail must be picked up at the boxes.  Full time residents can have a box free of charge.

GVL Organizations:

The Mountain Community Alliance (MCA) is a non-profit organization which puts on and funds the annual Independence Day Parade, offers scholarships to GVL students, and operates the GVL Community Garden, which puts on the Summer Faires and other events throughout the year.  New volunteers are always welcome – call 909-867-7105.

GVL CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) is trained and coordinated by County Fire. These volunteers can be activated in emergencies to aid in rescue, first aid, communication, and emergency shelter.  Training classes are offered several times a year in Running Springs and Lake Arrowhead.  GVL’s CERT team is funded by the MCA.  Call 909-867-7105 for more info.

Because of GVL’s isolation and location (one road in and out) it could very easily be cut off in a major earthquake. It’s very important for GVL residents to be prepared with emergency food and water supplies.  The Water Company Club House and GVL Church (on Yukon Dr.) are designated emergency shelters.

The Lilliberg Museum and Community Center on GVL Rd. is a non-profit that is open during the summer on Saturdays from 2:00 to 4:00. They also have art classes in the summer.  For more info, call: (951) 489-9464.

The GVL Artisans Tour:

Every Thanksgiving, Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends the many artisans of Green Valley Lake open their homes or studios to visitors.  From fine photography, to handmade jewelry, to custom furniture – every tour is different.  A description of participants and a map will be available at all the downtown businesses as well as the Post Office.  Information about becoming a member of the Tour is also included on the handout.

The Green Valley Lake Church is located at 648 Yukon, and it is sponsored by Calvary Chapel.

Much more information can be found at the Green Valley Lake website, www.green-valley-lake.com.  It has several webcams; it lists upcoming events; it has many phone numbers of local handymen, plumbers, snow removal, yard clean-up and much more.  It even has maps of local hiking trails.

Property Owners are invited to join the blogat“Nextdoor”:

greenvalleylake.nextdoor.com/login   Also has a Neighborhood Watch group.

The GVL Tackle Shop’s website:

gvltackle.com has lots of fishing info.

Printed by the Mountain Community Alliance (MCA).  

PO Box 8303,

Green Valley Lake, CA 92341




162 Responses to About Green Valley Lake

  1. paul williams says:

    after the fires in 2007 what happen to the guy that owned the hardware store? he had an area in his store for the display of fossils, meteorites and other cool stuff. thanks for any information. paul

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      That was John Loftus – he’s back in town with a cabin on Juniper. As far as I know everything was destroyed in the fire.

      • paul williams says:

        thank so much sandi for the follow up. i’m sorry to hear about the lost of his store. it was such a unique hardware store with an additional of display of fossils and meteorites . it reminded me of a store i would go to with my father when i was a child. thanks again. paul.

  2. Jeff says:

    Can a leashed dog be on the beach in the swimming area, but not in the water?

  3. Stephanie says:

    Hi, is there an area of the lake where you can let your dog swim? Thx!

  4. Jackie B says:

    My friends and I will be staying at a house on the lake for a weekend in August. Is there somewhere we can rent big inner tubes to lounge on the lake?

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      No – there are row boats, kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards for rent on the main part of the lake. In the swimming area you can have your own inflatables….

      • Nicole H says:


        How big is the swimming area? Are swimmers restricted to that area, or if paddle boarding can we jump in the water?

        • Sandi Huckaby says:

          Swimming area is about 40. yds. by 50 yds. Paddleboards are used in the boating area, but since people fall off I guess it’s OK to be temporarily in the water.

  5. Wendy says:

    Excited to come up to GVL this weekend. How is the weather looking for swimming in the lake?

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      Weather is perfect for swimming – about 85 to 90 during the day – weekend is expected to be a little cooler.

  6. Daniela Busald says:

    Was wondering can we bring a cooler with food for a picnic on the swimming side. And what time is it open for swimming?
    Thank you

  7. Tom Allen says:

    I am wondering if there are bicycles available to rent? Is there a local place that will rent bicycles? I have too many kids to facilitate bringing a bicycle for every one of them

  8. Ruben says:

    Is the lake open for fishing, and has it been stock. Also when was or is opening day!
    Thanks :)

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      Lake is open, but official opening day is Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. It will be stocked shortly before.

  9. Thomas Burns says:

    My family and I were thinking about coming up next week (spring break). Are we able to fish or do we have to wait until opening day? How’s the weather? Thanks!

  10. sandy h says:

    Hello, thinking of coming up tomorrow or Wednesday. Wondering if the lake is still frozen (would love to see that since I haven’t before).

  11. Adam Agajanian says:

    Can not wait to be back up in a couple weeks. My grandmother, Joyce and Aunt Milly would let me hang out and eat at the Lake Inn every summer. My favorite place in the world.

    Coming up Super Bowl Weekend, any place you can recommend we watch the game?


    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      Lake Inn is closed, but I’m sure the Malt Shoppe / Log Café will have it on… as well as Eagle’s Nest…

  12. David Runyon says:

    12-28-16. Have there been any trout plants lately? Do you still charge to fish this time of the year?

  13. Cecilia says:

    I am moving up there and wondering what company’s you have for your ulitilys . Internet , lights , gas etc .

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      We have our own Water Co., SB County (CSA 79) sends a sewer bill, Edison, So Cal Gas, Charter (Spectrum) cable TV and internet.

  14. Joe says:

    Hi I’m trying to reserve a camp site and find ur address

      • Allen Lilleberg says:

        Thinking of visiting GVL next summer. Einar Lilleberg was my dads cousin. My wife and I (as steadies”) used to visit Einar and Eleanor, and Dagne (his sisters)and Mindahis mother. at their place on Magnolia Blvd. That was in the mid fifties. As teenagers, we took the greyhound from San Francisco to Van Nuys and from there we went rockhounding on the desert. We never visited his self built place on the “pimple in the dimple” until he moved up there after Eleanor died.
        I had a wonderful guy in my science class while teaching in Napa. Timothy Huckabee! Maybe a relation?

        • Sandi Huckaby says:

          Wow – a little bit of history! Be sure to visit the Lilleberg Museum. My nephew Tim Huckaby is probably not who you’re referring to – he lives down in Carlsbad – is a computer software guy.

  15. Ernie Poulin says:

    The inaugural meeting for the GVL Veterans get together and “BS” session will be this coming Saturday, October 1st, at 1400 hrs (2pm for those who forgot military time)! We’ll also open the Museum for anyone who hasn’t seen it or wants to check it out again. Any vets in town, please stop by and say “HEY” to your fellow veterans. We’re keeping it to vets only this time, just so we can comfortably chat. We’ll decide on family days, and, well, everything, by consensus. Hope to see you there!

  16. John says:

    Helo, are dogs allowed in any area of the lake?

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      Yes, there is a designated “Dog Beach” on the south side, and you can walk around the lake with your dog on a leash.

      • Ernie Poulin says:

        PLEASE bring poop bags with you on your walk. There are usually also poop bags supplied on posts and trash cans located around the lake, but they’re not always there, so it’d be awesome if you’d bring your own. Sometimes we’re walking around the lake to see piles of dog poop. Please be courteous to our neighbors. :) And just to reiterate, leashes are required. Not all dogs are friendly to other dogs unfortunately. Gotta be safe. Thanks! :)

  17. Anna says:

    Good morning. My husband and I are headed up there tomorrow and will stay through Sunday. Are there any activities planed this weekend? Are there any restaurants / bars in Green Valley Lake? If so, what are their hours? Your feedback is appreciated.

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      The Log Café will be open as well as the Eagle’s Nest (bar & grill). The Eagle’s Nest usually has live music on Saturday nights.
      Over in Arrowhead is the Concert Across America at the Tudor House from 3 to 6pm.

  18. Tg says:

    Will you guys be having the free fishing in October?

  19. Bill Fricker says:

    Is there a public launch area for canoes

  20. Joey Lira says:

    I have a pack of cub scouts coming up on the weekend of October 7-9th. I understand that they life guard will not be on duty at the lake, but can the boys still swim in the lake at the beach area and will that area be open for our families to hang out at during the afternoon?

  21. Karina says:

    Can we reserve a trailer site next to our friend’s trailer if we will be camping in tents?

  22. Heidi says:

    How difficult is it to get a first-come first-serve campsite on the weekend? We are planning to visit next month, but all of the sites with reservations are reserved for the weekend.

    Thank you,

  23. Jess says:

    Wondering if alcohol is permitted?

  24. Dianne says:

    Hi, how far is Green Valley Campground from the lake?

  25. Michael J says:

    How is the fishing lately? I plan on coming up there during the week next week.

  26. Alice T says:

    Hi, We are planning on driving up tomorrow July 4th for the day. Will things be open tomorrow like the restaurants and the beach for swimming? Also, is it ok to bring a dog on leash to the lake?
    Many thanks and Happy 4th!

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      Yes, everything will be open. (Lake Inn has been closed for a while). Dogs on leash are OK around the lake except for the actual beach/swimming area. There is a dog swimming area too.

  27. Becky Davis says:

    Hi! My husband and I and our 2 year old are coming up to camp for a few nights in mid July. I had a few questions
    1) will fires in the fire pit in our campground be allowed?
    2) is there a kids play structure/playground near the lake or in town?
    3) is there any type of sandy beach at the lake for sand castles/playing with sand toys?
    4) I know to expect some camping but I’m curious about the mosquito activity at Green Valley Campground? Are there a ton or just an average or lesser amount?
    5) is there water in the falls/swimming hole?

    Thank you so much for your time, we are so excited for our lil dudes first camping trip!

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      Hi – As of now fires in the campground are permitted. There are new play structures by the lake. The lake swim area (pay) has sand. Mosquitos haven’t been bad this year. I don’t know what swimming hole you mean – Middle Deep Creek has lots of water.

  28. Chad says:

    Coming up camping this weekend are campfires allowed? could not find any info on the site to clarify 100%….Thanks in Advance

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      Campfires are allowed in the designated pits in the campground. Later in the year this may change based on fire danger.

  29. MJ says:


    I am camping at Green Valley this summer and had a question about accessing Green Valley Lake. My family plans to have a cookout well we are up there and we would like to do closer to the lake than in the campground. Is there a picnic area available to barbecue? If not is there an area to set up our own tables/chairs/bbq? Thank you for your assistance. Can’t wait to visit!

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      Hi – There is a small picnic/BBQ area on the east side of the lake. Just recently a kid’s play structure was put in so the area is smaller now, but there’s still a BBQ & table. It will be first come, first served so get it early in the a.m…….

  30. Linda says:

    Hello, what is the age for the Easter egg party?

    Thank you.

  31. Briana says:

    We are interested in staying In Your small town and do some 4×4 jeep trails. Are the trails close and easily accessible? Also do you allow paddleboarding on the lake?

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      There are many jeep roads close by – Fawnskin Rd. is very popular, as is Crab Flats Rd. In the summer, there are paddle boards for rent, but you can’t bring your own.

  32. Steve says:

    Hi, I’m thinking of coming up next week. A few questions:
    1) Is there still snow on the ground?
    2) Do you know if the store and tavern are open weekdays and weekends?


    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      There’s just a little snow left in shady spots, but we’re supposed to get 3 or 4 inches on Sunday and Monday. The store is open everyday, and the Log Café is open Thursday to Sunday. Eagle’s Nest is open weekends.

  33. Cindy Kent says:

    We are new owners and need seasoned firewood. Do you have some contacts that you trust?

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      They seem to come & go – try calling Eric Carter at 909-867-4466. He trims trees & takes the wood to local firewood guys.

      • Cindy Kent says:

        Thank you Sandi.

        • Cindy Kent says:

          Hi Sandi
          We are looking for a 14 foot aluminum fishing boat. Is
          there a site locals go on when they want to sell?

          • Sandi Huckaby says:

            Try the “Forum Page”.

          • Ernie Poulin says:

            Hi Cindy, I know this is way late, but I just stored a 14′ aluminum boat with oars and dolly in my yard for a neighbor/friend who just sold his cabin. He has the boat for sale. You can reach George Blaka at 818-253-5462 if you’re still interested.

  34. Petra Syi says:

    Visiting on December 30 and tried calling cabin rentals for that night and it’s all booked. Is there a hotel or motel nearby?

  35. Wendy sandy says:

    We are coming up dec 28 for few days. 6 adults one infant. What outdoor activities besides skiing would you suggest. Also will restaurants be open and any other entertainment options in your top 5 things to do in the winter there.

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      Sledding, hiking, snowshoe hiking, cross-country skiing if you have the equipment. The National Forest to the North and East of town has many trails. The Log Café (Malt Shoppe) and Eagle’s Nest will be open for sure, the Lake Inn may re-open by then. The Eagle’s Nest will probably have live music.

  36. Nancy Ag says:

    Going up to GVL, this coming Feb., middle of, 2016. What is the weather usually like, this time of year at this elevation? Is the in-town market opened for business daily at this time of year?

  37. Jenny Farney says:

    How do you become a GVL stock holder?

  38. Brent and Diane says:

    Hi. How do GVL residents receive their U.S. mail?

  39. Jose says:

    Due to extreme fire danger, campfires are no longer allowed in GVL campground because of the bad drought, is their any place or picnic areas near the Lake where my family and I can do a BBQ for this Labor Day weekend camping trip?

    Any advice/tips would really help , we are trying to have a good BBQ and enjoy the last weekend of summer

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      The picnic areas by the lake are subject to the same fire regulations. Try calling the Water Company at 909-867-2912 to see if you can bring your own propane BBQ to the picnic area – propane is OK if you get a permit. The Bait Shop by the Lake has the permit forms – it’s free, you just fill in the info. You might also try calling one of the “Cabin for Rent” numbers to see if they would rent a BBQ area. Good Luck!!

  40. Kiersten says:

    when does the lake freeze? and when in the year does it start to get cold?

    from, Kiersten

  41. Jerry hampton says:

    If I COME UP TO FISH where do i pay.

  42. ann westley says:

    Wondering how the lake water is end of august?

  43. Maria Teel says:

    Are dogs allowed in the beach? Where can we take a dog in GV? Are hiking trails dog friendly?

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      There is a designated “Dog Beach” on the south side of the lake by the office. Around town they should be on a leash, but all the trails are great for dogs. (The North ridge trail is even called “Echo’s Trail” after an old Lab that died there).
      Another good thing about 7000 feet is that there are no fleas or ticks.

  44. Kevin says:

    Shhhh, it’s still the best kept secret in the mountains, let’s keep it that way, lol

  45. Nick Hansen says:

    Coming up to Green Valley tomorrow for the week. Can we purchase fishing license at the lake?

  46. Kyle says:

    I’m told you need to have some membership or “lake rights” from Lake Arrowhead to go fishing at Green Valley Lake. Is this true, or can anyone just go fishing provided they have a state license and pay the fifteen dollar fee?

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      You need nothing from Lake Arrowhead. Anyone who pays the fee can fish (Need the State license of course)

  47. Maggie Paola says:

    We are coming up this weekend. Is the lake too cold to go swimming in? What is the temperature of the water roughly?

  48. Are there still kayak and paddleboat rentals in Sept. or is it just in the summer?

  49. Robert says:

    I was wondering living up there – is there any wildlife we need to be aware of or careful of? As in bears, mountain lions, wolves, coyotes, etc.?

    Also how long does it take to get to Lake Arrowhead from there?

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      We have the occasional coyote or bear sighting. Lately there have been reports of a mountain lion, but they are no problems with residents. Raccoons will get into trash cans if left out. We shop at Lake Arrowhead Village – it takes about 25 minutes.

  50. gg says:

    Again, check the vehicle code before you mislead people about the legality of golf carts. Because “everybody does it” doesn’t cut it with law enforcement.

  51. Travis says:

    can i launch my own Kayak?

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      Only GVL “Stockholders” can have their own boats on the lake. If you area stockholder, there is a yearly fee. Kayaks are for rent though.

  52. Travis says:

    i just heard about GVL and and i just got a couple of questions. How often are you guys stocked with fish and by who? Are float tubes or kayaks aloud? is there any camping near the lake?

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      The lake is stocked 2 or 3 times a month from May to September. No float tubes, but kayaks and rowboats are available to rent. The GVL State Campground is about a mile up GVL Road from the lake. Hope you come up!

  53. Lyndy says:

    Hi! For years we’ve attended (and loved) the artisan fair at GVL. I was considering participating as an artisan this thanksgiving and was wondering if you have info on how to sign up. Additionally was wondering if there is a fee to participate. Thanks.

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      The info on how to participate is on the map/flyer (Ann doesn’t want the phone # posted). I think the fee is $35.

  54. Ray says:

    Hows the fishing around this time of the year, i plan on coming up next weekend?

  55. Frank says:

    Hello, i understand that fishing starts on memorial day but are you guys charging to fish in the off season?

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      No – the employees to collect the fee don’t start until May – but the State Fish & Game do come by to check for licenses.

  56. s says:

    Can you fish from the lake next week?

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      Fishing from shore is always OK. Still need a State Fishing License. Lake is not stocked until Memorial Day.

  57. Stacey says:

    Hi!! We’re bringing the kiddos up this weekend. Will there be enough snow left for sledding? Where is the best place to go? Is there any other fun activities to do with the little ones? Thanks!!

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      Lots of snow on the North facing slopes – “Snow Bowl” area north of Oak Lane (by Spring Lane) is a prime sledding spot.

  58. Duane Decker says:

    When will the lake open for fishing this year?

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      The official opening is always Memorial weekend at the end of May – but there is fishing from the bank before that.

  59. Glenn Maddock says:

    Bringing the little kids up this weekend.
    Is there any snow around for them to sled on, and
    where would we find it?

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      There’s very little snow left, although there’s a slight chance of a little on Sunday. You might try the south ridge (where the ski hill was) there might be enough to sled a little.

  60. gg says:

    Be careful not to mislead people about golfcarts, tho some
    drive them they are not legal. Check the vehicle code.

  61. Linda (Rowe) Anthony says:

    Dear GVL Community,

    I sure enjoyed my two years of residence at GVL in the early 90′s – beautiful environment, wonderful neighbors there on Maple Lane, Fox Lumber & Hardware family and a great sense of community throughout the area! Hope the GVL Community Church is still going strong – and Artisans, keep up the amazing work with your inspiring creativity!

    Happy New Year GVL folks,
    Linda (Rowe) Anthony

    P.S. I still have my favorite hat from Fox Lumber – it’s my artisan hat for Plein Aire Painting.

  62. Matt Story says:

    We are looking to snowshoe tomorrow? Is there currently snow for snowshoeing at GVL? If so, where? Are the old Snow Bowl and the campgrounds going to have the most snow?

    Thanks for the help.

  63. John says:

    Is it possible for former business owners to visit? Lol

  64. joel galvan says:

    Hello, I’m planning on make a fishing trip at GVL on 12/19/14. Is the lake frozen?

  65. Dale says:

    Can electric golf carts be driven from a cabin to the lake/town?

  66. Ryan says:

    Is the lake open year round? Want to plan a trip next week.

  67. Leslie says:

    Is fishing allowed off the banksvin november?

  68. daniel wall says:

    What is the population in gvl?

  69. Richard Stewart says:

    Last summer my wife and I (plus our grandkids) camped at Green Valley Lake Campground. It was beutiful and we had a great time. We plan on buying a cabin and retiring at there next year. Do you have any suggestion for us? Sincerely, Richard & Valerie

  70. Stephen NEHEMIA says:

    Hello, my aunt is lending us her cabin for a few days in August 2014.
    Will it be possible to do horse back riding?
    Do you have maps online of the hiking paths in your area?
    and finally, do you have barbeque facilities around the lake?
    Can’t wait to visit you. Kind regards from Tahiti.


    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      There is a description and a small map under “Hiking” under “Things to do”. There are BBQs near the Club House by the lake. Sorry, no riding stables.

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