Phone Numbers and Services

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Quick Phone Numbers

GVL Fishing Website - Stocking Schedule, Fishing Information and Fees

Fishing on Green Valley Lake

Great Fishing in our Stocked Lake all summer long

GVL Water Co.     867-2912
CSA 79 (Sewer)   800-554-0565
Animal Control   800-472-5609
Rental Complaint Hotline  888-399-8591
County Sheriff    336-0600
Road Conditions  800-427-7623
Forest Service   337-2444
Mountain Disposal   338-2417
GVLCommunity Church 519-4800
Rimforest Animal Hospital  337-8589

Local Services

Kevin Floyd 855-7940
Jimmy Bon: 867-3659
Bob Mayes: cell: 909-649-2151
Jack Upfold: 867-2093
Fidel Vargas: 909-867-5335

Cabin Services/Cleaning/ Concierge:
Donna 909-725-0027

Eric Carter: 867-4466; cell: 909-240-3611
Mayes Construction: 649-2151

Chimney Sweep
Sweep’s Luck Chimney & Dryer Vent Service: 337-0256

Computer Repair & Maintenance, Website Design & Hosting:
Richard Steward: 951-226-0126

Concrete/Masonry / Foundation Specialist:
Mayes Construction: 649-2151

R.W. Roberts Construction: 867-2093
Eric Carter: 867-4466; cell: 909-240-3611
Mayes Construction: 649-2151

Excavation and Tractor Services:
Mayes Construction: 649-2151
R.W. Roberts Construction: 867-2093


Handyman / Repairs:
R.W. Roberts Construction: 867-2093

Brent Deaton:  909-547-7253

Hauling / Yard clean-up /Pine Needle Removal:
Eric Carter: 867-4466; cell: 909-240-3611
Brent Deaton:   909-547-7253
Fidel Vargas: 909-867-5335

John Cousino: 867-7510 (and stucco repair)
Brent Deaton:   909-547-7253

Plumbing / Heating, Drain or Sewer Cleaning:
R.W. Roberts: 867-2093

Tree Trimming or Removal:
Eric Carter: 867-4466; cell: 909-240-3611. Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

Yoga Classes:
Penny Richards, 867-5087

Burrtec Waste Management:
Curbside pickup day is Monday.
Clean Mountain Site is located on GVL Rd., past the fire station.

  • Holiday Schedule- When the holiday falls on collection day, collections will be delayed one day. Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day.
  • Burrtec will not pick up during inclement weather. They will return the next safe day.

Other Useful Phone Numbers and Websites:

If you see smoke and want information on a wildfire: 383-5688

County Sheriff’s Evacuation Information:  387-3700
County Sheriff’s Dept. in Twin Peaks:  336-0600

S.B. County Board of Supervisors:  387-4811,

Janice Rutherford - (909) 387-4833,

National Weather Service:

S.B. County Road Dept.:  387-8063;         

Caltrans:  383-4561;   

Office of Emergency Services:  356-3998;

S.B. County Fire Dept.:  386-8400; (same website for   both)  

So.Cal. Edison Tree Removal Program:  655-4555;    

CHP (California Highway Patrol) in Running Springs:  867-2791;   

Rim of the World Unified School District:  336-2031;    Information Hotline:  336-4150;   

CSA No.79 Sewer District:  (800) 554-0565

Cal. Dept. of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF):  881-6900;    

Animal Control (800) 472-5609

U.S. Forest Service (San Bernardino National Forest):  382-2600;   

Arrowhead Ranger Station: 337-2444;

Big Bear Ranger Station
: 866-3437;

Mill Creek Ranger Station: 794-1123

Mountain Area Safety Task Force (MAST):    

Hazardous Tree Abatement (S.B. County Fire Dept.):  867-1240

S.B. County Solid Waste Dept. (wood waste disposal):  386-8701;   

American Red Cross:  888-1481

Emergency Alert Radio Stations:  640 AM — KFI;          95.1 FM — KFRG;         99.1 FM — KGGI

County snowplow info.:    To report damage from the County snowplows, call the Road Yard Supervisor at 867-3683 (winter) and he can send you a claim form.  Mail the form to:  Risk Management Division, Human Resources, 222 W. Hospitality Lane, Third Floor, San Bernardino, CA 92415-0016.  The phone number is 386-8631.  The claim form can also be downloaded from the Internet:

Coming soon to this page:  Firefighter photos, fire safety tips… GVL Fire Dept.: 867-2176; 33596 Green Valley Lake Rd.

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