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CSA 79 Meeting

Wednesday, April 4th, 7:00pm, GVL Church

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Acoustic Jam / Potluck / Game Night

Mark your calendars: Saturday March 24th at 3:30, bring your instruments, a potluck dish, a game and the kids to our music jam/potluck/game night at the Water Co. Club House!  Bunco at 2:00, The Old-Time / Celtic Jam will be at 3:30 – the Potluck is at 5:30 – and then the Barn dance.  After the Dance (around 8:00) we’ll try a “Acoustic Rock” Jam for singers & guitar players, etc….see you then!

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Summer Faires in the Garden 2017
 A Big Thank You to all who helped put on the Summer Faires in the Garden this year – and a big Thank You to all who attended!!!
The winners of the Chili Cook-Off were Kalie Buchanan – First, Richard Steward – Second, and John Piscaterra – Third. All the entrees were great; the judges took almost an hour to pick the winners !!
The winner of the Quilt Raffle was Cindy Shepher, the Snow Valley Season Pass was won by Kathleen Smith, the Fishing Pass was won by Tracy Buchanan, and the Afgan by J.D. Jurentkuff. Congratulations !!
Our new shade structure “The Ironwerks” is a work of art – a big thanks goes out to Mark Nohr and Larry Lirette and Ric Buchanan for all their hard work. Be sure to check out our “mini Knotts Berryfarm” down at the Garden.
All the bands were GREAT this year – another big thank you to Vignes Rooftop Revival, Grits & Grady, Wake the Bard, and the Contra Band….
A big thanks to the Vendors – especially the”Loaded Buns” hamburger truck and Kona Ice. Alex did a hugh amount of work organizing.
We had to limit the Fairs to 5 this year, mainly due to our limited number of volunteers – if you would like to help out with the events in the Garden, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE contact Sandi at 909-867-7105.




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69 Responses to Upcoming Events

  1. Wade Anne says:

    What are the restrictions for swimming at the Lake?

  2. Shayla says:

    Until when will the lake rentals be open for this year? My kids were thinking about possibly going kayaking this upcoming weekend if the rental stand will be open.


  3. James Harris says:

    How far is the dog swimming area from the beach area? Is there a fence separating them? I am bringing my family with 3 kids and my mom with her little dog and wondering if we will be able to enjoy the lake together. Is there admission to the doggie swim area like the beach area?

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      Hi – The doggie beach is separated by a fence – no dogs are allowed in the people swimming area. The doggie beach is free.

  4. Be sure to pick up a flyer in town at any of the Green Valley Lake businesses. This flyer will give you the  addresses and a brief description of the artists involved in this year s event. The flyers will be available at the local businesses so don t forget to pick one up because you probably won t remember who s who and where their studio is without the map.

  5. erika says:

    is swimming allowed? is there any type of fee? and is the lake large? and hows parking? can someone help me?

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      Check out the rest of the website. On the “Things to Do” menu all the fees are under Swimming & Fishing. Lots of free parking. The lake is about the size of 2 football fields.

  6. Lyndy says:

    How do you participate in the artisan tour ? (We’ve attended it over the years but would actually like to be one of the “artisans ” this year!

  7. Staisine says:

    Can i bring my own paddle boat to the lake? Or is there a fee or it is not allowed?
    Also is there a place that I can bbq?

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      You must be a share holder to have your own boat on the lake – but there are paddle boats for rent. Because of the strict fire regulations this summer, the BBQs are closed. Propane is OK with a permit – Bait Shop has the forms.

      • Staisine says:

        No I am not a share holder. I just happen to own one of those inflatable paddle boat. If it’s Ok for us to use it i will bring it. As for the propane I will surely get the permit. Thank you

  8. bb says:

    is there cell service at the campground?

  9. christina white says:

    is the beach open for swimming during the week or only weekends?

  10. Susan says:


    I wanted to make sure that the postings for the summer concert series on this page are for this year (2015). I noticed that the Art and Music tab of the website still had the series calendar from 2014.


    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      Hi – Thanks for the heads-up. I forgot to update that page. Our last July concert is Saturday the 25th at 5:30pm with Jimmy Reid.
      Grits & Grady are playing at the Lake Inn from 6:30 to 9:00pm.

  11. We are visiting in Sept. Will there still be canoe and paddleboard rentals or is this in the summer?

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      The Lake is still open until Oct. 31st. Things slow down after Labor Day, but the Lake Manager is still on the job until then.

  12. Dave Torres says:

    Do we have to have a permit to drive on the dirt road (off roading in a hummer) towards the end of GREEN VALLEY LAKE ROAD, on the left, there is an off road that goes to Fawnskin, do we need a permit for that?

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      That is forest service road 2N13 – if the gate is open it is open for “street legal” vehicles – you see quite a few dirt bikes and 4-wheelers back there but technically they’re illegal. Sometimes it is closed during high fire danger weather.
      BTW, did you know that it was the original road to Big Bear? The “Artic Circle” route (Hwy 18) wasn’t built until 1923.

  13. Coleen Topping Berg says:

    Im bringing up about 30 boy scouts in June. anyone know if the campground can handle that size group?

  14. tylor Webster says:

    Visiting Green Valley Lake on the weekend of September 13-14 with four of my girlfriends (ages 18-19). I was wondering if there is anything fun to do there on Friday and Saturday nights? or is it better to drive to Arrowhead or Big Bear.

    Also, does anyone know of great place to hike during the day. Someone told me there were beautiful waterfalls near.

    Any information would help. Thank you.

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      There is a nice trail off Crab Flats Rd that leads west to a small pond and waterfall – don’t know how much water will be there this time of year. There’s live music at the Lake Inn on Saturdays (Grits & Grady play on the 20th – not sure who’s there on the 13th). Arrowhead or Big Bear would be more “lively”, but GVL has that small town charm :)

  15. anita Harrington says:

    Are there any rentals available and if yes who is a good contact? We are a retired couple and would like to do a long weekend visit. Thank you.

  16. Tex R. Canna says:

    When is the Green Valley Car Show this year? It’s been in September far as I can remember.

  17. Lisa LeQuire says:

    When is the Artisan Tour? Can I still be included?

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      The Artisan Tour is on Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, and Labor Day Weekends The phone number is on the map/flier.

  18. Aj says:

    When is the car show?

  19. Rebecca says:

    This will be our first fourth of July at green valley. There is a bike parade I have heard about. How can we sign up to participate?

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      It’s bikes, wagons, walkers, whatever. Meet around 10:30am at GVL Rd. and Lakeside. There will be people there with the sign-up sheets.

  20. Dan Schumacher says:

    Is there going to be a 4th of july boat decorating contest this year? Thanks Sandy for answering all the questions out there.

  21. John says:

    Do you know when leaves and pine needles need to be picked up off your property. Thanks

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      The new policy does not have a specific date – property owners are supposed to keep their property clear of fire hazards throughout the year. The inspections are also done year-round. It makes sense to do clean-up before fire season, of course.

  22. Tracy says:

    Are paddleboards allowed on the lake? If so, which side?


  23. Bob says:

    When is the car show this year?


  24. chris says:

    oops I was not specific, fishing float tubes

  25. chris says:

    are float tubes allowed?

  26. Eddie says:

    Are jet skies allowed on lake

  27. Charles Chang says:

    Is lake opened for fishing now 5/1st or untill third Friday of May?
    Thank you.

  28. Patti says:

    I know this has been a very dry year. Does anyone know of an easy trail for a walking disabled person, that is in the trees, and where there is a stream or some sort of water close by? Thank you

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      If you go down Crab Flats Road about 200 yards to where the stream goes under, there is an old access road (there’s a gate on the right) that follows the creek towards the West. It’s fairly level for a while. The creek is on the right.

  29. Arthur Ortiz says:

    Does the lake ever have any trout tournaments

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      There are some in the planning stages – visit the “Things To Do” tab and under Fishing there’s a link to the Lake website. It will be updated soon.

  30. Landon Valenzuela says:

    When is the first day in May, that fishing is allowed and the first week that it will be stocked?

  31. russ myers says:

    im interested in the CERT classes can you please tell me who to contact

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