Summer Faire Series

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Every-other-Saturday from June 17 to August 12 the Green Valley Lake Community Garden will host the 2017  Summer Faire Series.    In addition to our traditional evening concerts by the lake (5:30 to 7:00), we have many day-time activities.  Starting at 10:00 in the morning, browse through the booths of craft vendors, quilt show displays, pottery demos, or photography exhibits.  Then from noon to 2:00 there will be speakers from various organizations giving educational talks on everything from fire safety to earthquake preparedness, OHVs, the history of Green Valley Lake through photos and stories, and much more.  Plus, the whole time our gardeners will stand by to give you a tour of the garden and answer any questions about how to grow organic veggies at this high altitude.  All of the concerts and fun activities are free, but if you would like to give a donation, that would be greatly appreciated.  Bring a lawn chair.  Below is the schedule for 2017.

Bands will be playing from 5:30 to 7:00 at the Summer Faire Series 2017.  Here is the Schedule so far:

June 17 – “Strut Your Mutt” pet parade;  evening concert 5:30—Vignes Rooftop Revival (gypsy jazz) 
July 1 – the “Fourth of July” Parade 11:00; Strawberry Fest and
 Quilt Show all day; Raffle;
5:30 Barn Dance (with caller and live music)
July 15 — Pottery Demo;  Lyle Ferguson talk on History of Green Valley Lake;  evening concert
5:30—Wake the Bard (Irish band)
July 29 — Photography Exhibit; evening concert 5:30—Grits n’ Grady (bluegrass band)
Aug. 12 —
Quilt Raffle Drawing;  evening concert 5:30—The Contra Band (swing dance music/jazz)
—Scroll down for more info on the bands—

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The sound of music wafting over the lake as the sun gets ready to set, above you the tall pine trees singing their own tune in the cool summer breeze, relaxing in your comfy lawn chair in the lovely Community Garden in Green Valley Lake — ah, that’s the place to be this summer.
We are very excited by the line-up of bands.  The first one, June 17, is called the Vignes Rooftop Revival.  These folks are young and energetic and you just won’t believe their wonderful sound, called “gypsy jazz.”  The lead singer plays stand-up bass and he sounds just like Louis Armstrong.  They have a muted trumpet and two guitars.  If you’re familiar with 1930s jazz in Paris by Django Reinhardt, you know what I’m talking about.  This unique sound you won’t hear anywhere else, so you’ll just have to trust me when I tell you that you are going to love it!

Then, two weeks later, on July 1 we are having a Barn Dance.  So bring your dancing shoes because there will be a lot of “promenade left” and “swing your partner” to the Virginia Reel and lots of other old-timey dance tunes.  Those who enjoy going to contra dances know what I mean.  Our two callers and live band do an excellent job of leading all the participants, even the beginners, through all the moves—it’s surprisingly easy and a whole lot of fun!

On July 15 the band will be Wake the Bard, our very own Irish band, playing rip-roaring jigs, reels, polkas and hornpipes, plus lots of Irish ballads and pub songs.  It’s just like being transported to Dublin itself.  You’ll be singing right along to Molly Malone and Back Home in Derry just like you would in any pub in Ireland.

Then on July 29 you’ll enjoy the bluegrass band, Grits ‘n’ Grady.  They play a mixture of Old-Timey tunes, plus modern ones that still have that down home feel.  You’ll hear Dueling Banjos and even a few Cajun tunes.  With two hammered dulcimers, guitar, fiddle, banjo and even foot percussion—it’s a lively mix, that’s for sure!

Our final evening concert will be on Aug. 12.  The band is made up of members of “Swing Set” which is very popular in the Laguna Beach area.  They call themselves the “Contra Band” when they are performing without all 18 members.  Brian is on saxophone, and he will be accompanied by friends on drums and piano.  If you love dancing to swing jazz, this will be a night to remember!

[Note: You can learn more about the bands on their Facebook sites and on YouTube.  "Swing Set" is found on the website:]

9 Responses to Summer Faire Series

  1. dani says:

    I sure do miss being part of those jams!!!!! Play on…. my friends!

  2. Mary McDonough says:

    Are there any Irish music sessions in Green Valley Lake or anywhere between Crestline and GVL going on this summer?

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      Hi – We are planning Sunday Jams (sessions) at the Garden in GVL – our first one was last Sunday. Email me at and I can give you more info. Also, don’t miss “Wake the Bard” at the Garden on July 30th!

  3. C Hatfield says:

    Is the concert the same location where the music festival was held? Should we bring lawn chairs?

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      The July Concerts are held downtown, next to the Community Garden.
      There are some plastic chairs there, but your own would be more comfortable.

  4. Carl Verbanic says:

    Do you ever have food vendors at your concert series?

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      The venue is right next to our 2 restaurants, so we encourage people to eat there or get some take-out.

  5. Martha Castanon says:

    Please send me all events if possible, thanks

    • Sandi Huckaby says:

      Hi Martha- The Summer Concert Series was just during July this year. Next summer we will do more so keep your eye on the “Upcoming Events” page. “Wake the Bard” is playing at the Lake Inn on 8/31.

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